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breehunnz asked: aww is gonna wind down? Idk if I can take it :/

Gonna have to!


Anonymous asked: Why you talking about 'winding down' though lovie?? Don't do this. Don't wind down.

It has to wind down. It can’t go forever!


oohloveee asked: What did Sherita and gio do that Sherita had never done before?

She never did that position before



Hey guys. 


You got a lot of stuff in the past few days, happy everyone enjoyed it!! I am still verrrry off of my time clock from traveling, so you probably have seen it’s taken me some time to get to your messages. I wake up at 3am and go to bed at 11pm.

I’m super tired, so please know..the next updates are gonna take a bit. The next few [like, 2] are going to be extras [most likely] then we’ll see the outcome of what Chris will say and/or yell at Robyn for her confession.

What I DO wonder is, since the story will be winding down soon, what you would like to see happen OR what you wonder will happen? I’m just curious to know what you foresee [well, what you assume] will happen?

Message me if you like. Everyone is different, so I’m just wondering. (it’s not gonna change anything, the story is already done in my mind)Your responses give me the flow I need to write at times.

Love you!


oohloveee asked: Chris and Robyn

Why do you say?


oohloveee asked: They're not going to end up together.



oohloveee asked: Where's Marvin? How come chris doesn't know where he is???

He does know where, he’s being typical petty ass Chris


pinkdough asked: Who says it was the ex that keyed Sherita's car whole time tho (Assumptions are a dangerous thang). Im for real just waiting on an update with Marvin & Lele. Couple I like the most in this fic. Chris & Rob are annoying.

whuuuuut!? Why are they annoying to you?!


Anonymous asked: I miss this story. When will you be updating again?

you miss it?! It’s been 3 days and you got 3 sections! I’ll post about the update in a few minutes


Anonymous asked: Charrie questions for both Robyn & Chris? Is this the best sex you two have had? Like no other partner has been better right?

character questions… will come soon, this one, once it happens… you’ll get your answer 1st.


kirstyna1 asked: i think it will annoy him more that dre had something over him lol.. but he is very jelous so i think hel need to be lettin dre know that robyn is his and only his lol.



Anonymous asked: Annnddddddd I'm still laughing at sherita getting her heel stuck in a crack 😂😂 gio couldn't hold it together he had to laugh he was like I bet Robyn never got stuck in a crack urrrrghhhh so funny. I would of also hit the bitch with the door and made a dent she deserved it. Chris is obviously gonna find out about the car he knows near everything that man. I hope him and Robyn don't argue to much about dre jus a little argument then amazing make up sex ! Yaaaasssss please

You think he’s going to find out about the car?


Anonymous asked: Another thing, when chris does find out about the car he can't even be bad they can just be like "well I saved your life" Robyn would of killed him if they didn't walk in ! I hope he also sees dre and like accidently knock him the fuck out or something ! Amazing chapter I'm reading it again (4th time) hahahahaha

You petty! Love youuuuuuu!

[and if you read it 4 times, you should have figured out the hint]


Anonymous asked: I really wana know how chris reacts. It's one of the most interesting chapters you've wrote because it's not like a typical cliffhanger cuz there's so many ways chris could react and I can't wait to see what he SAYS!! Your ff slays tbh

I’m tryna snatch wigs and take names.


Anonymous asked: He's not going to be mad he have do worst than her in the past